A building lined with doors on every side. Actually, I’d love for the whole building to be covered with doors. The building has one floor, but the ceilings are high enough that you might feel like you’re in a vertical tunnel once inside. Each door is identical in shape and size. The slight differences can be found in the moulding, the doorknob, the knocker, and more rarely, the color, or the lack of any of these things. Or even in the way the door opens. The point is that at first glance, from a distance, they all appear to be identical. The only windows are on the roof with a clear view of the night sky. In fact, the whole ceiling is made of glass, or there are multiple large windows that also have slightly different design details.

The first row of doors are functional, but only a few, four or five, lead somewhere.

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Emily Nussbaum on FX’s new sitcom “You’re the Worst”:

“Fingers crossed that the show gets a second season, because there’s wisdom submerged in its odd premise: as admirable as it might be to date a good person, there’s a case to be made for the lover who sees and accepts your darkest side, the one person for whom you never have to fake it.”

Photograph courtesy Byron Cohen/FX

Many of the times when I think I’m showing a grand (not real-world grand, but grand for me) gesture of affection, I realize later on that my attempt, in the bigger picture, was so small in comparison that if someone was not paying extra-close attention at that exact moment, as well as to the supporting empirical evidence in the moments that came before and those that come after, it would pass undetected, and almost certainly has almost every time. In the moment, though, the show of affection, whether it’s being given or received, feels enormous and sometimes overwhelming. And well, for the person on the other end, it probably feels like an ordinary occurrence, even if on my end, it feels like a thick layer of skin has been peeled off.

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Step 327: Sometimes, text before you call



This is a thoughtful thing to do for people who might be expecting bad or serious news. My family got in the habit when Grannybarb was really sick, and every time my phone rang I was terrified that it was a Serious Call.

So when we just wanted to chat, my mom and sisters and would text the other person ahead of time, so we knew that it wasn’t serious and we didn’t have to drop everything to take it/steel ourselves emotionally/get to a place where we could flip out if need be.